The Tiny Warrior curriculum consists of developing 8 Major Skills that are necessary for participating….


The physical benefits of TaekwonDo will be immediately noticeable for children of all ages. The rudimentary self-defense… GET MORE INFO!


There’s nothing like pounding on a bag and yelling really loud at the end of a long day at work…


Have a kickin’ karate birthday party at Legend Martial Arts Academy in Roseville, CA!


  • Legend Martial Arts is a great place for both children and adults to take Taekwondo and be physically active. Mr. Kim is very helpful by teaching the children first hand about self defense and bullying. If you or your children are looking for a place to take Taekwondo I would highly recommend Legend Martial Arts in Roseville, CA. 
    Justen Pressler
  • Our son attends Legend Martial Arts and loves it. I can see a huge improvement in his self esteem and in his ability to listen and follow instructions. I love the discipline of Master Kim. He is an excellent teacher and our son looks forward to each and every class. We recommend Legend to anybody looking for a Tae Kwon Do experience for either themselves or for there children. He is excellent with the kids and is a great teacher.
    Laura Macy
  • Legend Martial Arts is an awesome place to train at for children and adults. Mr. Kim is a great teacher and makes you want to push yourself to be your best. Whether you just want to get back into shape, start a new hobby or practice Taekwondo competitively, it is a great place to go. He also teaches children to have respect and anti-bullying tips. I have been going for a few weeks now and I would recommend this place to everyone.
    Kyle Schweizer


  • Master Kim is a first rate instructor. Works me out hard, pushes me and has a great sense of humor. He also is great with my twin girls; he's increased their focus, listening skills and respect for their parents. He has also shown that with hard work you can earn stripes on your belt, that’s why one of my daughter has a yellow stripe and the other is now trying harder to get one.
    BernOut E